Are collections "smart"?

Just hit a wall with collections. I misunderstand the “saved search” collection and now I’m wondering if that I thought I was getting is possible at all.

I did a bunch of saved searches for various plot threads and saved them as collections. This was great because I could view all the scenes in a row. I realized I had a hole and needed to add some new scene to the thread. I created a couple of cards with the same labels, status and keywords as the rest of the collection but they don’t show up in the collection.

Some digging in the manual and here and I now understand that I can’t add anything to a “saved search” collection.

Now I can work my way down the entire draft and manually add cards to a new collection but that’s not going to work as the story grows and my brain gets crowded.

So the only thing I can figure to do is when I add new cards I have to delete the previous saved search/collection and then rerun it. If there’s another way around it, please let me know.

Is there a way to use collections in a “smart” fashion where any time I create a new card with certain criteria it adds itself to the existing collection? Or is this perhaps (hopefully) something in the Mac version that we can look forward to? :wink:

Two steps forward, one step backward but I am climbing the Scrivener mountain and really enjoying the view.

I have found that to make a Saved Search Collection “re-run” and thus update itself that I have to click on some other tab in the Collections pane and then again click on the Saved Search Collection.

Okay, for whatever reason when I closed Scrivener and rebooted, it updates automatically without me needing to rerun the search. In other words, it behaves as expected. If all else fails, reboot the program. :smiley:

New computer on the way and here’s hoping I clean out some of the gremlins in the current system. (Moving from XP to Win7)

You can’t directly add to or delete from a saved search collection by dragging items in or selecting and deleting them the way you can with a standard collection. You can, however, manipulate the collection indirectly by adjusting what items meet the criteria of the saved search, in the way you’re trying to do. Setting the “to-do” status on items will add them to a saved search looking for all items with that status; changing an item’s status from “to-do” to “completed” will remove it. Similarly, you can’t open a saved search and reorder the items within it as you can in a standard collection, but reordering the items in the binder will update their order in the saved search collection.

As almansur indicated, a saved search does automatically update but it will only do so when the search is run, i.e. when the collection is loaded or when you force it to rerun by hitting enter for the term in the search field when the collection is already loaded. It doesn’t constantly monitor your activity while the collection is open, so for a collection built on a certain label, removing the label from some documents and adding it to others while the collection is visible in the binder won’t immediately affect the list of items, but it should be updated as soon as you reload the collection without need for restarting the whole program.