Are Compile Settings still relevant?

I’ve been moving a folder of Compile Settings ini files from old to new computers for years. Given that they don’t seem to have any kind of impact on Scrivener behavior, are these still relevant, or are they leftovers from old Scrivener?

If they are in .ini format, then yes they are old, and won’t be used by the software directly. The new format uses the “.scrformat” extension, and is cross-platform compatible.

They may not be entirely useless though, and can be upgraded to the new system if you want to. I’d drag them out some place more accessible, and temporary, like Downloads, and then open the compile window for any project (it doesn’t matter). In the footer bar for the leftmost sidebar, click the gear button and select the “Import Scrivener v1 Preset…” command, and then select the .ini file to upgrade. You’ll probably want to change where it is saved, at the top, to “My Formats” so that they appear for all projects.


Thanks @AmberV ! I don’t suppose I’ll need to convert them, as I apparently haven’t missed them in years :slight_smile:

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