Are Favourite Projects device-specific?

I have Scrivener for Mac on my laptop and on my desktop; I also have Scrivener for IOS on my Ipad. (My overriding reason for switching completely to apple was straightforward no-nonsense inter-operativity, which has generally worked well: I use icloud). I use Scrivener daily for work, on all three devices, interchangeably, with no hiccoughs.

I’ve just created a new project on my laptop, defined it as one of my favourites, and closed it. It’s the first time I ‘favourite’ a project for a number of years, my workflow has been very static until today. I expected the new project to show up automatically in the favourites list on the desktop, (as it did on the laptop) and additionally hoped it would also do so on the Ipad.

But it wasn’t automatically ‘favourited’ on the desktop. I haven’t checked the Ipad, but I suspect it didn’t there, either. Is the favourites list specific to a device, and not to a user?



Yes. Favorites (and all other Scrivener settings) are device specific. Scrivener has no concept of a “user” and no way of knowing that a group of devices is “connected.”


Yes. Favorites (and all other Scrivener settings) are device specific.

What happens if I copy the prefs across, say from desktop to laptop. Does the laptop then accept the favourites created on the desktop?

You can certainly copy the favorite-projects.plist file over from one Application Support folder to another, but it likely won’t work well because this isn’t a simple text list of paths to projects. It uses alias technology instead, so that if the target project is renamed or moved, it does not vanish from the list or end up as a dead link.

Aliases are for the most part machine and even disk specific.

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