Are Mac and Win project files incompatable?

I want to be able to edit a Scrivener project file on my mac and on my PC.

When I try to open a version of a project file saved from my mac on my windows PC I get an error message saying that the file was created in a newer version of the software. It fails to open. The inverse has a related problem - trying to open a PC file on my mac doesn’t work either.

The current version of the mac software is, while the current version of the windows software is Is this why the files are incompatible?

Am I doing something wrong? Or am wrong in expecting the project files to be cross-platform compatible?


You need to either export the Mac project to the older format, or get the beta-version of the coming Win version.

Terrific. Thanks for that.

For anyone else experiencing the same issue, the link to the beta page is: