Are Scrivener updates automatic ?


I’ve been using Scrivener for a few weeks now, and it really suits the way I work… which is essentially having extra notes/research all over the place… which is now brilliantly in the binder and usually on display in the split screen.

So I immediately thought I’d buy it via the app store, but I found by looking through some threads that it’s :

  • Not ready to go on the store as yet
  • Not the best way of supporting the software (i.e Apple take more of a cut)

The only reason I thought the app store was useful in some cases was for getting updates of the program automatically. I couldn’t find anything about how the s/w is updated. Is there an automated way of saying “A new update is available and fixes x,y,z”, or is it a case of coming to this site and checking every now and then ?


Thanks for the kind words, and for wanting to buy - glad you’re liking Scrivener so far! Scrivener already has an automatic update checker built in, actually. You should have been prompted whether you wanted automatic updates turned on the second time you launched the app, but it’s one of those easily-dismissable pop-ups so you may have missed it. To check, go to Scrivener > Preferences and have a look in the “General” pane. There you can turn on “Automatically check for updates” and choose how often (“Daily” is probably best if you don’t mind Scrivener just checking with our servers once a day). If that’s turned on, when Scrivener detects an update you’ll receive a pop-up telling you about the update, with an “Install” button that will let you download and install it automatically. You can also manually check for updates by choosing “Check for Updates” from the “Scrivener” menu.

In fact, my guess is that you’ll get updates quicker this way even after Scrivener makes it to the App Store. Every time I create an update in future I’ll need to do two things:

  1. Release it on the site and inform our own automatic updater about the new version.
  2. Submit it to Apple for the App Store version.

(1) will be instant because I have complete control over it, so anyone using the regular version from the site will get updates as soon as they are ready. Mac App Store users will have to wait for Apple to approve the update, though, so could be waiting anything between a couple of days and a couple of weeks longer to get the same updates.

That said, if you would prefer to wait for the App Store version, I will be submitting it to the App Store in about two weeks. (Obviously I have no way of knowing how long it will take to get approved, or whether I’ll need to make changes based on rejections, though.)

Thanks again and all the best,

Oh yes, the check for updates was already on and is set to daily… I must not have noticed when I first installed.

I have just purchased a full license. Yay me !

Many thanks! Much appreciated!
All the best,

P.S. The next free update, 2.0.3, should be out late next week or the week after.

Whoohoo! Not that I have encountered any bugs (I haven’t), but I always enjoy seeing updates, if only because it shows the developer(s) is/are still active. I know you are, but you still get that nice, fuzzy feeling regardless.