Are the Project Notes supposed to be an RTF document?

I like using numbered lists (outlines) in the Document Notes. It lets me outline a little deeper. I can have an outline per document, making each session sort of like a separate essay.

That works great in the Document Notes. The Project Notes don’t seem to work so well, at least not for formatting like numbered lists.

For instance, with the first line indent set to either zero or non-zero, when I turn on numbering I get a number in the left hand column with a half inch or so gap before the topic (whatever I write for item 1).

If I hit return and tab in to a new level, the next topic ends up being almost lined up with the first topic. Not the numbers, but the text line up somewhat.

Nit-picky of me. Scrivener is a good tool, I probably just like to whine. :smiley:

Project Notes should work just the same as Document Notes. I took a stab at this but can’t reproduce what you’re describing, and I’m a little thrown off by the mention of the indents, since there isn’t a ruler setting for this in the Project Notes area. Could you possibly provide the exact steps I’d need to take to set this up and reproduce the problem, starting from a blank project and default settings? If you have the ability to make a short screencast showing the full actions, that could work too.

It could also be that I’m just not grasping the problem, so maybe even just a simple screenshot showing the Doc Notes list vs. the Project Notes list would be a start to make sure I’m not missing the obvious (wouldn’t be the first time…). Thanks!

Well, this is strange. I duplicated the problem. The project notes wouldn’t align an outline corrrectly.

Then I opened a blank template to make note of exactly what I did to cause the problem.

Everything worked fine.

Then I went back to the document that had demonstrated the problem - and it’s working fine, too.

At this point I can’t make outlines fail. Perhaps some kind of Windows dll strangeness.

Thank you for your response. If the problem reasserts, I’ll try to have better information. in a nutshell, numbered outlines displayed with indents to levels the way one would expect in document notes. In project notes, the first topic would have an abnormally wide space between the topic number and the topic itself.

Hopefully it was just one of those things.

Did I mention Scrivener is truly cool? Kudos!

Hmm, strange. I wonder if you maybe hit an indent/outdent shortcut that affected the list styling? (Ctrl-T/Shift-Ctrl-T adjust the first-line indent and Ctrl-Q/Shift-Ctrl-Q adjust the left indent.) If this comes up again, do let us know!