Are there any geologist out there

:confused: Just wanted to know are there any other genealogist out there :question: If so please let me know would love to talk to you since I am trying, notice the word trying to write my first book, that being regarding the history of my family and boy do I need help :confused:

You might want to change the word in the title of your post from Geologist to Genealogist. Think it might increase the chances of getting a response from someone relevant :slight_smile:

Unless you are tracking your family lines way back! :wink:

P.S. If you can’t edit your post, let me know and I’ll fix it for you.

Not that many folks on the forum are writing family history.
You might find much better help at these sites:
Good luck!

Actually, I’ve done some research into my family but not for the purpose of writing about it so I’m not sure if what I might be able to tell you would be relevant judging but how you’ve phrased your question.

For what it’s worth, my general advice for anyone looking into their family tree is 1) to gather as much information from their family as they can (especially elderly relatives), 2) collect together as many documents as you can (birth, death marriage, army etc), 3) open an account on (or .com if you’re outside the UK) and 4) Input all the information you’ve collected into ancestry and follow the ‘hints’ offered to expand your tree.

Ancestry might seem expensive but given how far I’ve been able to go mainly using their site it’s better value for money than it might seem at first (what with the cost of collecting the various data any other way). Besides, you get a free trial period to try it out first.

Hope that helps.

Wasn’t Aladdin into genieology? :confused:

I think the best Mac software for this purpose is Reunion.
Runs on laptop, iPhone, and iPad.
Gathering data is 98% of the work.
And you may publish your findings on a web site, if you wish.
Then write up an overview of families or individuals.

If we’re talking Mac genealogy software I’d recommend Heredis