are there any mac version running in pc to use scrivener

Do you know any version, where would be possible running scrivener, installing virtual mac inside os w

It is, sadly, against the Apple licensing agreement to install Mac OS on non-Apple hardware. So, whilst it is technically possible to get Mac OS running on a virtual machine in Windows, to do so is in breach of copyright restrictions (and contractual obligations if you have bought a copy of Mac OS). It’s a controversial area of law and an interesting topic for discussion, but that’s for another time.

As a result of this, if you did attempt it you’d find the following things:

  • Mac OS is unsupported in VM software on Windows so you’d need to ‘fudge’ things. Don’t expect there to be nice easy settings and processes to follow. You’ll probably have to start playing around with the BIOS settings on your computer to get it to work (BTW, if you have to ask what BIOS settings are, chances are you shouldn’t be playing around with them).
  • You won’t be able to install a ‘true’ copy of Mac OS, but would need to use a ‘cracked’ version. They do exist, but they are basically theft.
  • Because Mac OS is designed to work on a limited range of computers, you’ll find that you might not be able to access all the hardware on your machine. Webcams are likely to just not work. Audio interfaces are likely to be ‘awkward’ and so sounds might be erratic.
  • Mac OS ‘talks’ to Apple. It tells them what hardware you are using and what OS version etc. I don’t know if Apple actually have systems in place to ‘read’ this information, but if you don’t know how to disable auto-updates and these kind of comms then you are potentially alerting Apple that you are stealing from them.
  • Since it’s not directly supported, you’ll see occasional glitches in the running of the OS (and all software on it): Failed window drawing; Faded / lost focus; Long pauses / calculation times.

However, if you were able to get something like this up and running then there is no reason why text based software like Scrivener wouldn’t work. You will, of course, need to buy a licence for that as well.

Another two issues to consider:

  1. Running a Virtual Machine is not like running an Operating System natively. It uses up a lot more system resources (which you will be able to actually hear in terms of fan noise), and as a result you’ll most likely find things run a lot slower (and possibly glitchier) than you expect.
  2. Scrivener for Windows is a natively produced application that is jolly gosh darn awesome. It works really well. The chances are that the handful of features that you think are missing from the Windows version are (a) more specialist functions rather than a core area required for most people, and (b) eventually coming to the Windows version. LitnLat have previously stated that they are aiming for feature parity between the two Operating Systems in the foreseeable future (“2013” was quoted at one point).

So in conclusion, the answer is a resounding “YES! I do know of a version where you can run Scrivener on a PC”. It’s called Scrivener for Windows, it’s a great piece of software and you should definitely try it out.

I bought scrivener os windows, , its really excelent program, probably I need to wait new version with the posibility to config metadata, etc.

While os/x won’t run easily in a vm there’s a simple solution.

You can run os/x and win dual boot on a hac. It is an interesting point. I would only do so after paying for the os

That is no longer true. The two most prominent Hackintosh tools now require/use the OS install app downloaded from the Mac store. The rest of your post is spot-on, though.