Are there any plans to make undo work correctly with bullet lists?

There are many bugs apparent when trying to work with bullet lists. One example is as follows:

Type “one two three” with each word on a separate line of text. Hit return a few times. Make a bullet list saying “bullet1 bullet2 bullet3” each word on a separate line. Select the bullet list. Cut it. Paste the list in between the words “one” and “two”.

Then change your mind and hit “undo”. The bullet list will not disappear. Instead the text “bullet1 bullet2 bullet3” will disappear and the word “two” will become bulleted. Continuing to hit “undo” will just cause more weird things to happen.

This bug has been around for years, and spanned many versions of Scrivener.

I guess the answer is no?

Are you using the release version, or the Windows Scrivener 3 beta?

If it’s fixed in the beta, that’s your answer. If it’s not, the beta forum would be the place to post your question.

The beta forum is here: