Are there any Project-Specific 'Appearance' parameters?

Another stupid question, but I’m trying to come up with some simple way of making two similar projects look different, so I don’t accidentally make changes to the wrong one if I’ve got both open. My first obvious idea was to change the background colours, but that appears to be a global setting which affects ALL open projects. Any suggestions for visual features that ‘stick’ with individual projects, rather than the program itself, gratefully received!

You could use Project > Text Preferences.

You can assign Labels to each item in the binder, and then use the View->Use Label Colors in-> menu. The documents in one project would need different colors from the other. Also, you can select multiple documents and right-click to assign Label values to them as a group.

Thanks for your replies! Both are very smart ideas — except that I’m already heavily making use of both text formatting and the label-colouring of Binder files to help me keep track of things within the projects themselves. (Basically I find visual cues an invaluable mental resource!). Which is why I was hoping for to find something affecting the frame (so to speak) rather than the content — like background colour or the typeface of the Binder/Headers/etc. — which might nevertheless change from Project to Project, given that the Project windows themselves are self-contained.

Sounds like maybe something to add to the wish list.

Is there any way to move this thread to that part of the forum?

You’ll probably need to create a new post for that.

Do note, though, that you can change the colors of the existing labels in one project–that should be specific to the project, making it visually distinct from your working copy. Also, you can change how one project displays Label Colors In: “Binder” vs. “Icons”, for instance.

It’s true that I can change the labels; it’s just that the colours are long-standing aide-memoires for me, so having one project use a different set of colours would be really confusing (ditto having them NOT show up in the Binder, where I rely on them to keep my organisation clear in my mind). I know: anyone less muddle-headed than I am — or using a less elaborate set of tricks to organise myself — would not have this stupid issue! : ) Thanks very much for the suggestion though…

Might start a thread in the Wish List…

Couldn’t you use something as simple as having one of the project’s Binder items all being in capitals letters? You can easily override this in the compilation dialogue afterwards, so it’s purely a temporary visual clue.

Combine this with having the labels coloured in the binder icons only for one project, and the whole title in the other: you still get the (identical) colour cue, but it’s immediately obvious which project you’re in. (i.e. the difference between View > Use Label Colour in > Icon and … > Binder.)

Just to be clear, I was suggesting that you use the subtler, but still visible, “Show Label Colors in Icons” vs. “Binder” in one project. Both of those settings are visible in the binder, it’s just that one colors the entire binder row and the other only colors the icons in the Binder. If you try it, be sure that you only turn one of those two options on in each project.

One last tip: Look into snapshots. If you take one of all of your text documents in the reference project, then accidental edits to the reference project can be reverted after you copy those changes to your newer project. It’s a nice safe-guard against accidental change, or losing past work during revision, but it only preserves the main text of each document in your project; not the metadata or binder location.

Changing some titles to Caps is an intriguing idea. (You will not be surprised to learn that I use THAT too, as a visual guide (some of my folder titles are ALL CAPS, others not) — but one could certainly change it in a few salient places. For now, I’ve changed just a couple of the labels on some Top Level folders to a really eye-catching colour, enough to set off alarm bells at a glance. It’s just a pity one can’t make the whole workflow look different, by changing the colour of paper you’re working on (something I actually do with hard copy — printing certain kinds of stuff on cream paper makes it a damn sight easier to spot the relevant documents from across the room! But I digress…).

Taking a snapshot is a very good idea. I don’t do that enough, because it seems slightly complicated and I don’t want to rely on it too much in case I haven’t grasped some of the subtleties, but as a simple safety precaution, it’s a great suggestion! goes to investigate

Thank you again for all your helpful advice!!!

rdale — ok, on re-reading I get your thought now about switching the labels from binder titles to icons. I’ll give it a try; though I suspect icon colours may be a little subtle for a quick glance. Also does it go through for custom icons? (natch, I’m using some of those too :slight_smile: I know, I’m just an incorrigible case…).