Are there T-Shirts???

I sometimes feel foolish when pondering the degree to which I praise this software, but I can honestly say that I have never installed a program, then jumped right into it and in less than 15 minutes said to myself, “those people that sold this to me are fools, I would have paid 10 times what this costs!” But there has been enough said about the cost. I have been using the software for a few months but am new to the blog/forum thing. So, yippee that I found another place to spread my glee for this amazing program. I mean, I am not even a “real” writer, I just do content for web sites and look for other ways to express myself with the written word, and I can nevertheless see the genius of this tool very easily. If all that weren’t enough, I emailed Keith one time, or what I actually believed–emailing a 17 year old on his part time job who read these emails… and I was floored for the second time. The author of the software actually wrote back! I mean, heck, if I wrote a heart-felt letter to Adobe about Photoshop, I’m sure I would get an email back from Bill Adobe (or Jane?), not. So, bless this software and its future and all you brilliant people out there who use it!!!
Richard Seymour
Boston, MA

PS I really would love to buy a T-Shirt!!! :astonished:

Thank you. :slight_smile: 17… If only. Double it. Then add one later this month… :frowning: (Hmm, though too many smileys is a little juvenile, oh well.)

Someone did link to a company that made logo T-shirts and mugs on demand, and I may actually look into it when I get chance - as sad as it sounds, I actually really want a Lit’n’Lat mug for my coffee!

Anyway, thanks again and all the best,

I’d buy a t-shirt (so long as they came in black :wink:), and probably a mug too. Definitely something you should look into if you get the time, could make you a bit of beer money.

Man, this was just too much fun:

Obviously I haven’t tested ANY of the merchandise, so don’t blame me if you buy something and it’s rubbish. If you have any ideas for better designs, let me know. :slight_smile:

Now I gotta go buy myself a mug…

All the best,

I like the mug and I’d probably buy one. And the Yin / Yang logo, I’m glad you’re keeping it.

In shirts, I prefer the style of the white golf shirt with the small logo.

I prefer the curved lettering of the Scrivener name, used on the Scrivener Baseball Jersey (though I don’t care much for that particular shirt).

It would be nice to pair that curved Scrivener name with a short saying printed underneath. And it could be fun to see what sayings forum users could come up with:

The Word Processor of Champions

UnWording writers everywhere

Freeing one writer at a time

Heh. You can even customise a thong. I was thinking of putting a small Scrivener logo front-centre with, in small grey letters encircling it, the words: “Actually, I really should be getting back to my writing…” :slight_smile:

I’m all up for a user-suggested T-shirt phrase!

Scrivener - write on!

T-shirt feature requests!

(For male thongs, only):

Proud Scrivener user.

yes…I’m happy to see you…

Hang on a minute Keith,

Do I understand you correctly that you didn’t know about the company that makes the t-shirts and mugs? That there’s a company out there that does products with your design on it without your consent???
That’s a copyright infringement if I ever saw one. You’re entitled to a bunch of money either by withheld royalties (or whatever the term is when it comes to mugs?) or by a lawsuit.

Or am I totally wrong in this?


Hi Magnus,

Yes, you’re wrong. :slight_smile:

Café Press allow offer lots of standard products - mugs, T-shirts etc. You set up a store with them and upload images that you want printed on the products, choose their placement etc. They set a base price and you add a mark-up, then if someone orders, they print it on demand and send it out, and give the seller the mark-up price. They are pretty expensive - I’ve only added between $2-$5 on each item.

So, I had a lot of fun uploading the images and placing them on the T-shirts and mugs. I’m definitely going to order a mug. I may even order a baseball shirt. :slight_smile: If anyone else orders anything I would be very surprised!

All the best,

Capn keef sir..worrabout themere discounts :confused: This ere retailsing thingy is a mugsgame. Ill put my,[size=85] t[/size]Shirt on it :smiley:

Thems jokes Skipper!! them is :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
rat the comedian :laughing:

I suspect you may be interpreting “thong” the wrong way.

In Australia, “thong” means something you put on your foot. I think you lot call them flip-flops (the underwear you refer to is a G-string). Being Australian, I naturally assumed Keith meant that type of thong.

But Keith is British… so now I’m not sure. Do the British call thongs “flip-flops”, or do they call them “thongs”?

For some reason I think the footwear is more likely… I can’t see cafepress doing customised underwear.


Phew. All is well then. Glad you’re making tons of money now :wink:


We call them flip-flops. Keith meant an underwear thong.

And yes, Cafepress sell thongs - have done for a few years, now.

Mr Matt
There are certain British deviants who wouldnt think twice about adorning their anatomical flip-flops`, with rubber fliplops , or any other bizarre accoutrements for that matter. :open_mouth:

Do take care,


Fluff, leave your human alone. He has … issues.

KB count me in on a couple of things once I get the Mrs. distaracted (and once I get Mac back (yes I call my MPB Mac (yes Mac is a female using Vicki’s voice (yes I overuse parentheticals)))). Do you mind putting the link on the main site? Using the piece of !#$ !#$ @#%$ #$%^# !@# @## !#@$ windows machine makes everything harder than it needs to be.

I can’t get to the link so maybe you have some of this up already but here are a few phases I thought of

Scriverati – We love one eyed, three legged, pirate dogs

Scrivener – Enabling pigons to dream

Scrivener – Even rednecks have a right to write

Scrivener – Portland stole our forum!

Scrivener – One man. One novel. One really big award.

Scrivener – Written by a writer.

Scrivener – Providing more time for procrastination.

KB – Single handedly reminding us what customer support means.

I like the “Portland stole our forum” one. :slight_smile: I might put the link on the main site at some point in the future… Though where is a different matter. Merchandise says, “Give me more of your money!” so it’s not a good thing to scream at a new or would-be-customer. Anyway, I want to see what the quality is like. I’ve just ordered a baseball top, mug and magnet to check them out. I have a feeling the T-shirts are just going to have transfers on them (I read somewhere about a better, direct-print option, but it looks as though that is only open to paid store users). I certainly don’t want to put it on the main page if it all looks shoddy!

All the best,

BTW I believe you owe us a picture of the award.

Miles111 and Judd those are all awesome ideas! Going to shoot over to cafepress and see what I can order 8)