Are Windows Files usable in Linux?

I couldn’t find a prior thread on this, so I thought I would just ask.

I am using the Windows version (1.8.x). Will it damage the files to open/edit them with the Linux version?

I am trying to switch everything away from the windows box.

Nope. I bounce between windows and Linux. (Or did. I tend to use the Linux version much more.)

For what it’s worth, it works fine with Mac files, too. I was a Mac user for years but switched back to Linux (Ubuntu) when my MacBook broke and I could import all my Scrivener files easily although it was a totally unplanned transition.

Just make sure you’re using the right version – 1.7.x if you’re using the 1.8 Windows version, 1.9 if you’ve updated the Windows one. The project files aren’t compatible otherwise. Apart from that wrinkle, there’s no problem bouncing back and forth between the two.

With the same version on windows and linux (1.9), I roundtripped to test it would works both ways.

A separate note:

Backups can save you and you can see what really changed with beyond compare.

I lost some text in an edit from some cut and paste accidents that I noticed later. I have unlimited backups to a directory and then used the linux version of beyond compare to do a visual diff. I was able to find what I messed up and reinsert the right text.

I also make backups of my backups to a separate disk with a nightly rsync. Love being able to use linux with my writing.

P.G. Sundling