Are you sure you want to delete?

On several occasions I have accidentally deleted a scriving by pressing back space. I thought the curser was in the main body of the text but it wasn’t and so boom. All my work is lost up to my last snapshot. Call this a bug. Call it an annoyance but I have already lost an hour of work and I don’t think this would be a hard feature to add.

All is needed is a prompt/challenge that says “Are you sure you want to delete this scrivening?”

Or, you could just drag it back out of the Trash folder at the bottom of the binder, as described in the Help file and tutorial, both of which explain that hitting the delete button does not permanently delete anything but just moves it to the Trash folder in the binder. :slight_smile: Still, the next update changes the shortcut to cmd-delete given that this has got a surprising number of users…