Argh! Deleted an index card!

I just went to delete a couple of paragraphs in an index card and instead I accidentally deleted the thousand words in that card I’d just written today!

Is there a magic way to recover this that I don’t know about? Help!

Did you delete the card or just the text?
If it’s the text, did you try to undo? (Command+Z)
If it’s the card, have you checked the trash folder?

It was in the Trash… I didn’t know Scrivener did that. Thank you so much! :smiley:

Just out of interest: are you writing the 1000 words onto the actual index card (i.e. in the document ‘synopsis’) or are you writing it in the text file itself?

If you are actually writing onto the index card, you may want to have another poke around with the tutorial, and understand the link between the index cards, the documents, etc. and the difference between the text of the document, and its synopsis.

(Of course, you might know exactly what you are doing, which is fine…)


Never fear, I’m not writing onto the synopsis bit of the card. :slight_smile:

I’d gone through the tutorial quite a while ago, and I’d never done anything like that before, so I guess it didn’t stick in my head…

Another handy thing is BACKUP TO option. Just in case something dreadful happens having a backup calms the nerves and relaxes the stress of fear of losing one’s work.