Arrange By Label Questions

When I use the Arrange by Label option for the corkboard, the cards are arranged by label and also chronologically (by their order in the binder). Like this:

I guess there’s no way to only arrange them only by label, so I could see something like this:

And, possibly related to that, I see this option Arrange by Status Label Layout/As Grid:

But it is always grayed out for me. The words “As Grid” appear nowhere in the manual.

I don’t know of any Scrivener option that can override the two axes (Label/Binder position) design of Arrange by Label (Manual,Sec. 8.2.5).

Regarding Arrange by Status Label Layout/as Grid—Appendix, A.6. View Menu:

Indeed, there’s no way to arrange them without the chronological (binder order) arrangement, because without that, you wouldn’t be able to drag the cards around to rearrange them any longer, since their order would no longer be represented.

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