Arrow connection caption as in video demo

Can’t find the way to do Arrow connection caption that appears at 02:14 in Scapple video demo. The presenter just missed it out. Is it possible and how can i do this? Such an important and useful feature to structure thoughts and add information about the connection way.
Official Scapple demo or find on the product page.

At 2:14 in the video, Keith double-clicked on an existing link. That created a new node, and he typed a label for it.

Yeah, I understand that, but I’m talking about “Joined Up Thinking” inscription. Not a node between old two. Inscription above the arrow that appears after video transition.

According to the thread below, Mac Scapple has a feature called ‘Connection Label’, under the Notes menu.



But that’s not what happens at 02:14.

Wow, that works. Thanks a lot.
I just select two notes with existing connection, and “Connection Label” item becomes active in Notes menu.

Thanks for your involvement in my question, but that’s exactly what happens at 2:14 :slight_smile:. It just happens quickly enough.