Arrrg! Movin' stuff in Outline Mode

Arrg! I don’t get it…

I get it all set up, outline mode, nice and organized, and at first, I can move stuff freely up and down…

… and then, it abruptly it won’t let me move an outline line “between” other lines, instead insisting on “nesting” it, no matter how carefully I try to get it between the lines.

I assume I’m doing something wrong, or hit some key that won’t let me get that little “between” line. How can I get it to work?

It’s a little trick to see that line beneath the drop ghost, but make sure you are far enough to the left.

Another thing you can do is just use the keyboard. Ctrl-Arrow keys will move items around really easily; works in the Binder too.

Hmmm, the control-arrow doesn’t do anything at all.

I can move stuff with the mouse if I “ouline mode” a folder with stuff in it, but not if I “shift” a bunch of separate files --they show up as an outline, but they will only let me nest each other, nothing between.

I guess that’ll do, I’ll just do folders… weird…

Oh! Right. Check for “Multiple Selection” in the header bar. Whenever you see that you can’t move stuff around because that selection could be coming from anywhere in the binder. If you choose items 32, 102, and 277 and try to move the third one up a slot—where does it go? Position 101? That might not be what you wanted at all.

So yeah, even Ctrl-Arrows won’t work there. You have to be viewing a “physical” part of the binder in the outliner for order manipulation functions to work.

If you want to view (and re-order) more than one folder at once, just make sure to select whatever parent contains both of those folders—or use splits and view both folders individually.

Gotcha –


Also ensure the outliner isn’t sorted - if you’ve clicked on a column to sort it, you can’t drop between items because again, it would be going to an unspecified location.