Arrrgghhh - No Titles in Scrivenings

I see that the Windows version does not have the ability to show titles in Scrivenings. This is such a key piece of functionality, if one is building a book from an outline, with each level’s title being formatted to highlight its position in the hierarchy. When editing in a scrivening stream, one really needs to see that title embedded in the text, especially in full screen mode!

Any idea when this functionality will be added to the Windows version? It’s so important, I hope you guys don’t wait until the next major update!

Looking at the differences between the Windows and Mac versions, this one item, along with the Name generator differences are the only two real deal breakers that I see in functionality. If you could add those two features, there wouldn’t really be any major functionality difference that we couldn’t work around.

Scrivenings is being reworked for the next major version, and the ability to display the document titles within the editor will be part of that. You can view them now by opening the inspector; the title of the focussed document will appear at the top of the index card in the synopsis pane.

The name generator was more or less a development whim, and the Mac and Windows versions are quite different just based on what the individual developers found useful themselves. I don’t know of any definite plans to change either to match the other, at this point. The “obscurity” setting is really the only feature I can think of in the Mac version not present in Windows, and it’s dependent on the name list having been created to use that. Is that what you were after?

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of the name generator! A lot of novel writers depend on it. The obscurity setting in the Mac version is very useful for generating the kinds of names needed for a particular character.

But by far, the most important piece is the “titles in scrivenings” part. Unfortunately, having the title in the inspector does no good in full screen mode. Any idea (roughly) when the next major version for Windows is planned for release? (I won’t hold you to it, promise)

I hear you that this will be included in the next Windows release. But just to confirm: it really matters to some of us. Can’t come too soon.

I totally agree. When in “free flow” writing mode, you want to be able to read your book in an unbroken stream, and most often in full screen mode. If you can’t read the title of the section you are currently editing, it totally breaks the flow. Basically makes full screen mode useless. :frowning:

And please can titles be longer and wrap in outline view?

Oh, man, that would be really helpful.

Just wanted to bump this post. Titles in scrivenings are sooooo important for editing! Any idea when Scrivener 2.0 for Win will be coming out?

Perhaps a public beta would be in the works? As a former programmer, I’d love to put my beta testing skills to good use . . . .

As noted before, this will be included in the next major release.

We post public betas to the beta testing forum. There is nothing available at the moment for testing.

Oh, titles in scrivenings, how I dream of you.

What’s the next major version that is expected to contain the “titles in scrivenings” option for windows? Do you mean 1.9? 2.x?
Since you originally posted this, 1.8 came out, that’s why I ask.

Major version means incrementing from 1.x to 2.x, 2.x to 3.x, etc., a paid upgrades with significant changes; they’re the kind of thing that happens only every few years. Upgrades from 1.7 to 1.8 are minor point updates and are more frequent, with bug fixes and smaller enhancements (although Windows has had some pretty big features added over the course of 1.x as it gets closer to the Mac feature set, so maybe “smaller enhancements” isn’t entirely accurate).