arrrrh file rights

You’re all nice, friendly, knowledgeable people. Please help…

I’m baffled by the user rights to file access in OS X.

I thought I understood how file rights worked - each user, or group can be set access to files or particular groups of files. And looking at it from the other end, you can set access rights for particular files. A few years ago, I did some low level Groupwise admin which involved it, and when I played about with Linux for a while I got my head round it. Or so I thought.

But OS X, God love it, seems to want to do it through the Info panel, which appears to have a series of drop down boxes which as far as I can see means you can only allow one group, one user, a particular level of access.

I’ve got three user accounts on my iBook (running 10.4), an Admin and two users. I want the users to be able to access some folders in the Admin account. How should I set this up?

I’ve been having similar issues. I haven’t quite figured things out yet. I downloaded Swift Share, thinking that might be a solution and wound up locking myself out of the folder I was trying to share.

There are two articles at which talk about using Access Control Lists (ACLs) to tackle this problem. I haven’t done them yet, but they may work for you:
Use Access Control Lists for fine-grained control and Share an iPhoto library among multiple users.