Articy Draft

Any interactive writers here? Except for me? :slight_smile:

So, the fellows from the German company Nevigo have started to release information about their writing tool “Articy: Draft”. It’s designed to meet at the specific needs of writers for games and interactive media. (Being a guy who regularly has to work with in-house tools of various companies I can’t help but say FINALLY!) It’s definitely not aimed at prose writers, but for projects with a branching structure it may be very interesting.

Here’s the first video introduction.

It’s about to go closed beta and it’s Windows only so far.

Looks gorgeous. I remember working on a game with Douglas Adams – “Starship Titanic” – and we spent the first month or so trying to work out just how to script the damn thing. I wish we’d had this back then…

This looks like great software for scripting games…

Looks great for screenwriting, too.

I hope they’ll be doing a native Mac version. Actually, I’d be surprised if they didn’t …

No, you’re absolutely right; no Mac version as yet.

Now that hasn’t happened in a long time … :open_mouth: