Artificial Intelligence // Suggesting/Linking similiar Documents within Project

I have this Idea for a very long time and it is inspired by Devonthinks artificial intelligence (making you usggestions for similiar files on your drive) or Evernotes old feature (which does not exists anymore I guess) of “contexts” showhing you similiar notes you created.

Wish: Scrivener should show me similiar notes I created within my project with an artifical intelligence (AI). Why? So I dont have to create the dots within my writings myself, but the AI does it for me. In this way I can link texts more fast (cross reference) or think about one topic in context and with a better overview. Also this new connection created by the AI can les us buils connections we didnt have before? Overal a very interesting Idea and kind of like a future computer driven creativity boost for our brain?

Also I use my Scrivener Project as a note App. I have one folder where I just seriosly DUMP IN my brian thoughts, without thinking much. Im just hammering my thoughts inside without reading afterwards. Later when I write about topic XYZ i search for the topic names and my previously “fast thought notes” show up and I already have written material I just need to polish und add further text to. If I would have the AI, this process of searching for text would not exist ynymore making me more fast in my worklfow.

Im curious about your ideas with this. I am very thrilled by this Idea an hope that AI, which helps our brain to create connections and contexts will be a standard one day across all of our apps (MAC Finder, Making Music, nOtes app, etc. If we think about itunes music, it has an option to show you similiar tracks to the one you are listening right now (it is also AI to some extend in my opinion).

Of course this feature can be distracting for some, therefore it should be an optinal feature which you can turn on and off anytime. You could use it somethimes, when you ave a writers block sometimes? Maybe the AI could even suggest you news topics based on what you wrote before so you get an INSTANT INSPIRARTION. Wow the more I think about it the more I am excited. I hope oyu can understand me. I love this idea.

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I do not speak for the developer, but I suspect he will say that your suggestion is out of scope for Scrivener. We’ve generally eschewed plot generators, story structure templates, and that sort of thing; this suggestion is in the same general category.

I’ve used DevonThink fairly extensively and find, at least for my work, that the AI isn’t as useful as it might appear. It sometimes makes reasonable suggestions, but sometimes is completely lost. If I didn’t filter proposed connections through my own understanding of the topic, I’d just get a mess.