As Is- compile format problems with dictionary entries

I am compiling a book for beta readers and everything is fine except in backmatter have a vocabulary where the defined word is highlighted with a hypen and rest a normal font. Ex. Definition- Not sure.
But even though looks that way in backmatter section, newly added terms formatted the same way are not bolded when compile though bolded in the file in the project. Anyone have this happen or any ideas on how to correct?

Using a Editor Style not represented in the Compile Styles?

Import the Editor Style with one of the top buttons on the Styles tab in the Compile Format Designer. (Double-click your Format to open the Compile Format Designer).

So interestingly using Georgia Font in Scrivener and exists in list of compile fonts but Georgia Bold does not. However, some entries are bolded when compile and newer entries for second book in series are not. I added a Georgia Bold paragraph style and imported as you suggested with no change in output. ???