"As-Is" compile options not compiling right

The new As-Is feature isn’t preserving the different font sizes, paragraph breaks, and other formatting settings on compile. I’ll have an 18-point first line, 24-point title, and the body of the document will be in 12-point with 10-point breaks in between paragraphs (no indenting) and the As-Is option keeps smushing them down to all 12-point font. Going a little crazy here, what am I missing?

The idea of preserving formatting has changed substantially between V2 and V3. “As-Is” is a bridge from the old to the new, and what to do with it was debated during the beta. Please see the following §7.6.2 of the user manual:

If you did upgrade a project with “As-Is” it should “continue working as they did before” (§E.3 user manual). I’m not sure why this text-block section type is not working as expected, could you elaborate exactly what you are doing in compile?

More generally I would try to unlearn the way we managed formatting in V2. Think of the new section types as a way to handle this. They are more flexible and more powerful.

Okay, I was stupid and posted this problem yet again in a different thread, this time with screenshots of exactly what I’m talking about.

I posted this right before going to bed last night and completely forgot about it when I got home. Here’s the link to the post I made earlier today with screenshots of what I’m talking about: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/ebook-compile-with-as-is-option-not-working-right/38338/1

Sorry to all about that. :blush: