As notes - or as a separate document?

Would just like your 2 cents on this: Where do your keep your research bits? In the notes pane, or in a separate, linked document? What are the pros and cons of each method? I think I will keep research in the notes section, especially since there is no two-way linking. But I would like to ble able to hide the “Synopsis”, “General” and “Document notes” headers, to tidy things up. Against this method speaks that on import of research everything will be put in the document proper, not the notes pane.

Also, what are the filter/sort possibilities for Scrivener´s meta fields?

: nordlys

I keep all my research in separate files in the research folder. Then I display it in the left pane of the Scrivener viewer, with the document I’m writing (whether it’s an entire article or just a paragraph) in the right pane. It just gives me more room than the notes pane does. I don’t use the notes pane much, actually, and when I do, it’s just for little memory joggers about the document-in-progress it’s attached to. For anything substantial, including notes to self, I make a separate note in the research folder. It actually took me awhile to train myself to not skimp on creating research notes and outline notes (the latter in the Draft folder) – to treat SCrivener’s Binder notes system as a kind of combination outliner/file organizer. But now it’s essential to the way I handle the overabundance of info.

For my book, I’ve found it to be easier to keep everything I’m basing my writing on easily visible in an overview via the binder (or, I guess, the corkboard, though I never use it, for some reason). And I’ve found that the smaller those research files are – one fact per Binder research note card if possible – the easier it is to organize them. For magazine and newspaper articles, I’ll keep each source (e.g. a press release, an email message) as a separate note.

Hope this is the kind of info you’re looking for.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, this is the sort of info I am after.

Yours seems like a good approach, but how do you handle linking? Do you link from the research item to the “manuscript”, draft note? You can then not see in your manuscript (opened alone) where your research is, can you? Or is there something here I just do not get? Also, how do you handle multiple research items for one draft item? And how do you use the status field in your setup?

Thanks again for the input.

You’re welcome, but I hope I’m answering your questions.