Asked me to register Scrivener after I installed OS update.

Okay. I download the newest OS 10.6 update. The one with the Mac app store on it. 10.6.6 I think.

After I rebooted my machine and opened Scrivener it said that Scrivener wasn’t registered on my machine (I know that it was). I when ahead and did so and it registered and worked fine after doing so. This is the second mac I have registered on (after my old mac died on me). I don’t know if that might be the underlining cause, but I mention it nonetheless, just in case.

I just thought that was strange and thought I would post it and see if anyone else had this problem and if it is something that we should be worried about.


They use eSellerate’s protection, which I guess looks for some unique elements of each installation of the system. It’s normal :slight_smile:

The registration and activation system would require re-registration if there was a significant hardware change, but just installing an OS update shouldn’t cause this (unless you wiped your machine and did a complete OS install, of course, which isn’t the case here). I downloaded 10.6.6 and installed it, and it didn’t affect my registration, and nobody else has reported this issue, either, so it’s strange. Did you just do the normal download update, or did you get the combo updater?

Did you have any crashes in Scrivener before you did the update? It might be that a crash caused the registration information to get wiped and that the 10.6.6 update is a red herring.

Thanks and all the best,

I don’t think it was a combo update. Just the next one up. Though, I’m not certain. I don’t know if or where I can check the update history.

When I re-registered it, I didn’t have to re-enter the product code, so it was saved somewhere on my system.

I also had to reactive my account in iTunes. So my guess is that it isn’t isolated to Scrivener.