asking me to download from app store again

Hi this is the message I am getting when I try to get into my scrivener

'‘scrivener is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete scrivener and download again from app store’

I have all my work on here and I am not sure where it might back up to ;[

Any help please.

Have you tried rebooting yet? Apple made a rather silly mistake recently. and remotely shut off a bunch of people’s right to run certain programs. This problem has since been fixed, but you might have lingering traces of what caused it still on your local machine. If a reboot doesn’t solve it, I would take the advice of the error message and reinstall the software.

As for your files, this is just a problem with the software. In fact, it’s not even a problem with the software. It’s a problem with a piece of information on your computer that tells Apple you own Scrivener being out of date with what it is expecting.