Asking the unanswerable question.... when ?

Yes, I know this is almost a non-answerable question, but do you have any sort of rough plan, or hop about when an iPad version will be finished. Selfishly, I’m thinking purely of myself here, I’m off on holiday in March where I will have more time than I’ve ever had to sit around and write away to my hearts content. I haven’t seen an app on the iPad which will really cover everything, and so a version of Scrivener on the iPad will be perfect.

On a side note, I see a lot of threads about online/cloud syncing - which I think is one of the fundamental aspects of Scriv on iOS, being able to write away on a Mac (or even Windows) and just pickup an iPad and carry on where you left off.

So I think having a wide number of options about how you sync is very important as well, I see iCloud, Google Docs, Dropbox being mentioned… supporting all would be good :slight_smile:

I’ve only seen one mention of possible merge conflicts though… or not being able to sync. I think they are important points. Firstly, whilst online syncing is really useful, you might not be in an area where you can sync over the net - so an offline mode/manual sync is a must.

But lets think about if you do some work on the iPad, don’t sync it and then do some more work on the Mac - what needs to happen when the two attempt to sync. In software development, this sort of thing comes up quite often with multiple people working in the same code on SCM systems (I imagine Scrivener runs into this occasionally as well). What youe IDE will normally do then is allow you to pull in bits of update from each copy to allow you to make a new document, and where different areas have been changed - it just merges the two together automatically.

It seems a bit overkill, but I certainly think the whole merging issue needs to be thought about.

utters incomprehensible, rapid-fire string of syllables in a language you do not recognize, and then…

“Two Weeks”

smiles and nods, then continues drinking coffee and staring into the distance

The answer to “when” is: sometime in 2012. It won’t be done by the time you go on holiday, though, that’s for sure. :slight_smile:

Well in this case, the answer to when it won’t be done is quite useful as well. goes and looks in the app store

There are a good few apps there you can use External Folder Sync with.

We’re only in the design stages at the moment (hence asking users for their ideas, wishes and suchlike), so although some coding has been done on the corkboard and rich text system, the hard work is all still ahead.

OmniOutliner does a commendable job for brainstorming in outline format, and it’s not TOO cumbersome to bounce back and forth between it and a text editor that syncs with an external folder for real writing.

FWIW, I’m still quite taken with the simplicity of PlainText, even if it doesn’t have some of the cooler features of other editors.