Assembling all document notes in one place

(Apologies if this is something that Scrivener can already do. I couldn’t find anything in the forums.)

I’m going through my manuscript right now, trying to do a final rewrite before querying. Of course, even on this pass I still have some things to work out in the text, questions not yet answered, etc. I’m putting notes to that effect in the Document Notes for whichever document has the problem.

When I’ve taken care of all the stuff I can do with one pass, I need to go back and deal with these. Is there any way of generating a collation of document notes, preferably with links back to the file they came from? Or is there some other way I should be doing this? (I guess I should check into those labels, huh?)

What you could do is compile the draft (Export Draft) with only titles and notes selected. That way you can generate an RTF, Word file or whatever with all of the notes in it, along with the titles of the documents to which they refer. You could then import this back into Scrivener or print it for reference, whatever you prefer.
Hope that helps.
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This program really DOES do everything already. Seriously, this is the best $35 I’ve ever spent.

I am slowly realizing the power of exporting different elements of the Draft and bringing them back in for editing.

Everyone should try it sometime, just for fun!