Assign different preferences to each project


I’m using Scrivener (Windows) for all kinds of writing and looking for a way to assign different preferences to each project. I have various screenplay & novel projects for which I’m using various fonts, indents, and colors for the binder.

On top of that I have a file cabinet project in which I store all my notes, to-do, etc. and for which I need no indent, a much bigger font and a white binder.

I’ve tried saving several sets of preferences but that means doing it every time I’m taking a note which defeats the purpose of a quick notebook. Also sometimes my file cabinet project is opened in the same time as my screenplay or novel, and therefore editor / font / background color preferences are being applied to both when I change them.

Is there a workaround so that my default fonts / margins / colors are saved within each project?


Your note conflates what are really two sets of preferences:

There are display preferences, which affect things like the color of the binder. These are set in the Tools -> Options -> Appearance tab, and are Scrivener-wide.

And there are text preferences, which affect fonts, margins, and other aspects of the text itself. These are set in the Tools -> Options -> Editor tab. In the Mac version, these can also be set at the Project level. The Windows version does not have that capability yet, but will get it in a future release.


Thanks for your answer. Argh, too bad. Looking forward to seeing it in a next release.

Also, is there any update on the “Page view” coming to the Windows version ? I am used to working in page layout in Word, Final Draft, etc. and the only workaround I’ve found in Scrivener is to create a large left indent in the editor preferences, but of course it doesn’t feel or look the same. And I can’t see page breaks or the current page number… I am in the process of switching to Scrivener for all my writing and this is such a key feature. I know you guys are working on it, just wondering when it might be out…

Sorry, we never announce release dates in advance. See the iOS thread to find out why not…