Assign document templates to folders

Well, pretty self-explanatory. Maybe this is possible - I could not find any reference, but I am stupid, so there. Here’s how my wish works in my little dreamland:

I design a document template (or import one) and leave it in the template-folder. But I also have a possibility to set the properties for other folders, which include assigning a template from the template folder.

And since I am stupid - I guess I mentioned that - I would also love to lock folders that I may not touch. If I work on a chapter in a folder and finish it, I lock it, so I don’t create or drag documents in there any more - and nobody can erase any of the documents inside by accident. Yes, they would end up in the waste basket, but, hey, we stupid people like to empty that every now and then (stupidity and cleanliness share a bed).

Thank you and have a great Christmas!

I got an answer by mail - so thank you!

And regarding the lock: