Assigned styles accross softwares (is there such a thing ?)

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Does anyone know of a text editing software (or a clever way to achieve what I am looking for) that would allow to copy/paste some text from Scrivener to this other software, and that pasting that same text back to Scrivener (having done a fresh ctrl+c in that second software) would have it retain the styles (not just the visual formatting) as they were initially assigned ?

Reason I am asking is that I am using Antidote as a corrector, and that since it doesn’t (yet?) work with Scrivener for windows, I have to go through OpenOffice. If so far it works, it forces me, on the other hand (once I pasted the corrected text back into my Scrivener document), to redo the whole of the style assignation… (Time I’d rather use to do cooler things… not to mention the risk of errors…)
→ As it is at the moment, although the formatting remains visually the same, everything becomes a “no style” paragraph.

In a fewer words, I want to:
– Copy/paste my text from Scrivener to X other software (one that works for what I need to do)
– Do my corrections using Antidote.
– Copy/paste the result back to Scrivener without having to redo the style assignation.

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P.S. Pasting text from Scrivener right back to Scrivener has the styles preserved. So I suppose that this means that the styles are somehow encoded in the copied text… (Which in turn means that I am looking for a software that won’t discard it.)

Should I mention that finally having Antidote to connect to Scrivener would be the absolute best ?

Vincent_Vincent, While I’m no expert at how different packages handle formatting, I am highly doubtful that there’s any universal way. But I’ll follow this, hoping that someone shares better knowledge on this.

I may not help in understanding this better, but I’ll try anyway. MY UNDERSTANDING is that packages often use specific (hidden) codes for formatting (unless it uses some type of possibly separate encoding such as CSS). So the copy/paste does carry the codes with it, but they often don’t mean exactly the same thing from package to package (or carry different attributes, etc.).

I often copy from Google Docs because Docs is SUPER handy for capturing notes anytime and anywhere. Later, I paste it into Scrivener. PROBLEM: Even with simple bullet lists, the paste is TERRIBLE. The indention and bullets are different and worse, the text is often blue and underlined, and I’ve not found a way to fix that. So I remove any formatting in docs before copying (yes, it causes a lot of work).

It’s such a common action that I sure hope it’s addressed at some point. Yet, it’d likely be a difficult task because of the huge number of possible sources that are pasted into Scrivener.


As a general rule, expect better results with Import/Export or the Compile command than with copy/paste.

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