Assigning different custom meta-data to outliner view of different folders

I’m currently using the latest Beta 3 and just ran into something that made me wonder whether what I have in mind can be done (in the Beta or in 1.9).

I’ve really come to love Scrivener’s outline view for planning so in my current project I’m using it for my novel’s scene plan in Folder 1, having assigned custom meta-data (let’s call them A, B and C) that is shown as custom columns in the outliner view. Great, works like a charm.

Now I’ve also created Folder 2 within the same project and basically wanted to outline and track different aspects, so I created meta-data X, Y and Z for those.
When switching to the outliner view in Folder 2, meta-data A, B, C are not what I want or need to see, but once I uncheck them in the custom columns setting and add X, Y and Z instead to be displayed, the view also changes for Folder 1.

So my question is, is there a way to have the outliner views display different custom columns in different folders, or is this something that can’t be done? So far, I haven’t found a way but I might have missed something. Any hints are appreciated.

[EDIT] I’ve posted here instead of the Beta testing forum because it’s not a bug report, but if I should have headed over to the other forum I apologize!

It’s not quite automatic, but have a look at the Layouts feature (on the Windows menu). This allows you to save particular configurations of the binder, editor and inspector - and if you’re in outline view, you can set it remember the columns too.

So, get Folder A’s outline set up with the columns you want and save the layout. Then do the same for Folder B.

When you go to folder A in future, all you need to do is choose the relevant layout:even if you’re in editor or cork board mode it will revert to the outline with your preferred columns.


:bulb: Aaaaaaaah, thank you! I had completely forgotten about the Layouts feature and what it can do. That sounds like a great workaround, I’ll try that. Thanks!

You’re welcome!

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