Assigning shortcuts to Apply Formatting Presets

Hi all,

Is there an easy way to assign shortcuts to the various Apply Formatting Presets options? After writing the first drafts I usually like to apply my styles before asking for the copy to be reviewed. I’d feel much more productive if I’d be able to have shortcuts to applying formatting presets instead of having to reach for my mouse…



Yes – you can add shortcuts to the Presets.

Go to System Preferences (on the Apple menu at the top left of your screen, or click on the grey gears icon in the dock), then select the Keyboard tab and the Keyboard Shortcuts button.

In the list on the left, select Application Shortcuts, then press the + key. In the dialogue box, choose Scrivener as the Application and enter your Preset name into Menu Title. (NB this must be EXACTLY as it appears in the menu.) Then add your chosen shortcut and click Add.

If you switch back to Scrivener you should see your shortcut appear next to the Preset in the menu.