Assistance needed regarding indentation carryover from Scriv

Hello there,
I was hoping to get some assistance in how to fix the indentation in my novella before I release it this weekend. Everything has worked perfectly with Scrivener regarding copying and pasting my document from Microsoft Word, and the ePub looks great accept for one issue-the indentations are not being carried over.

They are plainly seen in the screenshot I’ve attached of when I compiled and then opened the ePub in the Kindle Reviewer, to see that all indentation is gone. I have Windows, by the way…

I was fixing this manually in Sigil, but it’s so time consuming and I was wondering if there was something I’d done wrong along the way so that the indentation would convert and I don’t have to do it all again by hand.

Any direction would be so appreciated! Thank you!

I’m not entirely clear on your process, but it sounds like you’ve already written this and are just using Scrivener as an exporter? If so, you’d probably prefer using the “Original” compile preset, from the “Format As” drop-down. That setting will just pass your formatting through instead of attempting to clean it up, including any first-line paragraph indents.

Another thing to check is to make sure by “indent” you don’t mean there is a tab character inserted in front of every paragraph. That isn’t a true indent (granted it can have the effect of looking like one in most common defaults) and in fact doesn’t work at well (or at all) in some contexts, such as HTML, which e-books use for their basic text storage.