At the end of a long journey...

I am a German writer (although I’m living in France). I have published 14 books, mostly novels. My latest novel appeared two months ago and is currently among the top twenty of the bestseller list.

This is what happened to me:

I started using computers for writing in 1986, a PC with MS/DOS. I worked with a lot of different programs, but found none of them really suitable for the needs of a novel writer. They were all ment to write letters, not books - at least this was my impression. (I happened never to like neither MS-WORD for DOS nor WordStar which were both surely capable of handling complete books - but unfortunately I wasn’t able to handle them.)

In 1990 I finally decided - I was working as a software developer then - to create my own text processing software. Exactly the way I wanted it. It took some time (and was a fascinating experience), but in the end I had a program that worked. I wrote all my novels (except my first one) with it - with a DOS-program that knows only the colors black and white on screen!

But in the last years I felt more and more that there were limitations in this program that could not be fixed by adding some functionality (which I did often in the past - one of the luxuries you enjoy when you know every byte of your software personally). It was necessary to create something completely new, based on a completely different concept, regarding my experiences while writing more than a dozen novels.

I studied a lot of the “software for writers” available and scribbled now and then screens, menu trees, functionalities. I wasn’t in a hurry. In fact I was hesitating to start this kind of programming adventure again. But my concept - how a novel writing software should be and should work - grew.

A few months ago my PC started to make unhealthy noises. It was an old one, so okay, time for investment. But all you can get now is Vista - and has XP been already annoying, Vista horrified me completely. I came to the conclusion that I definitely didn’t want to have such a… thing on my desk.

I started to check the alternatives. Linux. Mac. I bought a Mac journal (a french one), and there was a long article about Scrivener. I studied it thoroughly and was stunned: This was my concept! The ideal writing software! Even more than that - Scrivener has some concepts I didn’t even think of yet!

This happend some weeks ago. Meanwhile, a wonderful and silent iMac sits on my desk, I have bought Scrivener and I am going to write my next novel with it. No need anymore to develop the perfect novelwriters software - it exists already!

Thank you. :slight_smile: And I’m glad I’m not the only madman who has decided to write his* own software that fits the way he works. :slight_smile:

All the best,

  • Or “her” or “its”, of course. :slight_smile:

Hello Andreas E.

So will we find a short review of Scrivener on your “The best software for writers” web page? After all, you write there that you closely watch the market for writers software and that you do not recommend software that is not covered on your page. :slight_smile:

Viele Grüße nach Fronkreisch,

As soon as I’ve finished my switch from PC to Mac. To gather some practical experience before won’t harm either.

Viele Grüße von der nebligen (!) Atlantikküste
Andreas E.