At what point are the Scratchpad documents saved as RTF files?

Catalina + Scrivener latest versions
It happens occasionally that current notes (recent documents) in the Scratchpad disappear. I understand that this can happen, and can live with it.
I would simply like to understand at which point the Scratchpad documents are saved as RTF files: when I close hide the Scratchpad ? when I open Scrivener ?
thanks in advance for your time and help

Perhaps you could track the changes of the scratchpad file itself while adding chunks of notes to it.

Here is the manual’s reference to the file location in the Windows version :

Add text to scratchpad while keeping an eye on the file info.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Seems that under Windows, the changes are saved when you go from a note to the other + when closing.

So, I suppose that if you’d be worried to lose any notes, you could trigger the save by going to some other note in the list in the top half, then back.

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thank you very much. Excellent idea.

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I followed your instructions and now understand perfectly. Everything seems to happen (title, content new or changed) as soon as data is entered or modified as if there was a little demon monitoring the file every 10 seconds.

Might actually rather be a little angel.

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