Attaching arbitrary files

I would like to have a root-level folder that contains technical files that I will use when turning the markdown output from Scrivener into various forms: csl files, tex header files etc. What is the best way to do this? When I add a csl file (carefully named to represent the bibliography format), Scrivener shows in the folder a blank file with a hyperlink – which links through to a renamed file stored internally (49.csl, for example). I would like to keep everything within a single Scrivener project; I don’t want a separate file on my HD with all the support files. But how can I do that without having the files renamed etc.?

I do this as well for the support files I need to make a LaTeX document work. What they are called while inside the project is largely irrelevant because you aren’t going to be using those files straight out of the .scriv project folder under any circumstances anyway—you definitely don’t want to be running a LaTeX instance inside your .scriv project folder!

So all that matters is that they are named properly (sans extensions) in the binder, so that when you are ready to create a typesetting folder you can simply select the folder of support files and hit the File/Export/Files… menu command (default options; file format doesn’t matter since your files are not binder text files to be converted to anything), then once that is exported, compile into that folder on the disk.

Ah, thanks very much!