Attachments and images added to forum


If you noticed the forum was down for a little while earlier, that was because I was adding a couple of features to the forum that have been requested by users:

  • Attach images

  • Attach files

Including images in your posts

If you would like to include an image in your post (for instance a screenshot taken with, click on the “Image Hosting” link, which you will see under “Options” on the left, just below the box where you enter your post text. This will bring up a pop-up box that allows you to upload an image from your hard drive. Once you have done this, you will be presented with some BB code which you must copy and paste into your post in order for the image to appear. Thanks to for providing such a great free service.

Attaching files to your posts

To attach a file to your post - for instance, a Scrivener template, a crash log, a Scrivener project, export settings or whatever - you can use the “Add an Attachment” feature that now appears underneath the text box when you post. Given that attachments eat up my web space, they are for the time being limited to 1MB, which should be plenty for posting crash logs, test Scrivener files, templates and so on, but I’ll review it if we need a bigger limit.

Looking forward to seeing more screenshots and the sharing of templates!

All the best,

This is wonderful, thank you so much KB!