Attachments to the posting

I have not been able to attach any documents to these posting. What am I doing it wrong? Is it a specific type? I read something that said that it was up to the admin of the board. So…help me please.

Some file types aren’t allowed. Try compressing the file to zip first and then uploading that. Otherwise, it might be a size issue. What are you trying to post?

I had a word doc (.doc) with one whole picture on it so it was not very big. I just click on browse and find the file and then when I click on “add the file”, it acts like it is doing it and then it refreshes the screen WITHOUT my text and I have to start over. One would think I would have learned my lesson and copied the text but I did not and it happened to me THREE times and then in the early hours of the day, I quit. I will copy the above and try to attach the file I had tried to use previously. OMG it actually worked. It is only 294k, btw. Hmmm. Weird. I have tried more than a half a dozen times and when I actually write it up, it works. How frustrating. Thanks for listening. :O)

Webpage error.doc (294 KB)