Attempt to backup locks up Scrivener

I’ve tried several times to back up my new Scrivener database to a thumb drive, but each time I click Save I get no response, then find Scrivener completely frozen. Eventually, I have to Force Quit to get out of it. I thought at first my 3GB database was too big for the supposedly 4GB thumb drive, but I got an 8GB drive, and the same thing happened. I tried clicking the ZIP box. Same thing. Saving to my hard drive. No different. The only abnormal thing I’ve done that I know of is adding several .msv audio files from a Sony voice recorder that wouldn’t play in Quicktime when I clicked on them in Scrivener. I think I’ve converted all of them to mp3, but the file extensions don’t show in the list of Research materials on the left side, so I’m not sure. I can’t imagine what else would trigger this glitch.

I really wouldn’t recommend saving directly to a thumb drive if that is what you are doing. Thumb drives are much slower, and saving a 3GB file there could take a long time - so it may be that it isn’t frozen but just taking forever to save. I would recommend saving to the hard drive and zipping up the project and copying it to the thumb drive via the Finder.
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Are you sure it is actually locked up? The current version of Scrivener lacks a progress bar for this operation (which will be fixed in the next version). You might just not be waiting long enough. Depending on the conditions involved, it can sometimes take quite a while to transfer three gigabytes to flash memory.

Is this really all one project, or are you storing every single thing in one single Scrivener project? What I mean is: that’s a pretty big project file. I have one that is jammed full of high resolution scanned pages that I am transcribing by hand (OCR wouldn’t work in this scenario), and even that is only 2.3% of the file you are describing.

Thanks for your replies. With no progress bar or other indication that the app and drive are working, it is possible it’s not a true crash. However, whatever is happening absorbs all the memory of the system for several minutes, even making it impossible to click the Apple icon to try to escape. I have left it running overnight and come back to some sort of error message indicating the procedure failed.
As for size of the file, the .scriv file is 3.6GB on the HDD. Much of that is in audio and other multimedia files, so I guess I have to accept the number, even if it seems awfully high to those of us who are basically writing in text. Thanks to Scrivener, I’ve pulled more than three years of research into one place.

I had exactly the same problems at times I used to import large audio-files into Scrivener. I did not want to backup to am thumb drive, but zipping to the internal or an external disc.
Since then I’m no more importing these files into Scrivener and had no more problems with backups.

Yeah, I think you’ll just have to accept some performance hits like this when dealing with that much media. Computers do have their limits. Some of this could be mitigated with references instead of directly embedding the media in Scrivener. In other words, keep a folder on your drive for the really big stuff, and then drag them into the references list of any Binder item or the project itself. This merely links to them, you can double click to open them and so forth. It’s organised, but not integrated. If you require integration that won’t suit you.