Attention seeking? Another b-day for Jaysen!

You’ve only just had a birthday… Wot y’ playing at?

Eey-oop Vic, luckily it’s St George you’re having the tilt at, not the dragon, so beware lest he thinks you’re the dragon and spits you.

[size=150]Happy Birthday, Jaysen, if it really is your birthday![/size]

Mr X

:blush: Oops! Yeah! Y’ could be right there, mate.

[size=150]HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUMPT!! [/size] :laughing:

Thanks guys!

I think I’m over the “getting old” hump finally. I woke up this morning and there were no new creaks or aches that I didn’t remember from the previous year. And a quick inventory of the last 12 months shows that I’m settling into "old man status quite well.

  • Heavily modifying an “old car” into what I want.
  • Welding stuff instead of buying stuff (for the above project)
  • Go to bed at 9PM
  • Get out of bed at 5:30 AM – without an alarm
  • Discover that
  1. Scotch is better than beer.
  2. Scotch is better than water.
  3. Scotch makes welds better.
  4. Rum is better than scotch.
  • Realizing that my idea of a perfect day only involves a nap.

Do we agree that my “young man” card has expired?

Where do you keep finding my family pictures?

Happy birthday!

Since I am unsure if Jaysen and I are friends with an established repertoire of well-meaning ribbing, or if he genuinely hates me but does his best to tone down to a polite(ish) level in public, I shall offer two alternative greetings:

  1. happy birthday Jaysen, you old grump.
  2. happy birthday Jaysen, you old grump.

Have a great day, buddy!

Perfect! This needs to be made into a card. I shall buy the first one and send it to vic-k.

And Piggy, remember what mom always said, “they only pick on you because they like you”. I’m not sure how the bloody nose supported her position, but I’ll leave you to answer the question of how accurate that statement is.

Happy Birthday, Jaysen!

You can still remember things from year to year?

On the above evidence, no.

Happy birthday, young 'un. (Or as my wife’s uncle used to say: “May your pigeons always come back.”)

Happy Birthday. Wish I could remember how I made a birthday cake last month.


Remembered! :slight_smile:

Wait, what are we talking about?

Thanks, everyone.

Whether the damned kids these days should be getting off your lawn?

Happy birthday.


Thanks. Hope you get old soon too.

Happy birthday, Jaysen!

Happy birthday!

Yes. Exactly. But I leave toys in the yard to tempt them…

I thought you had figure out the physics on time so we would all never age and would live forever. You said it would only cost me $299.95 and a barrel of Rum.

I am starting to think you have been hanging out with the real nice Nigerian Prince fellow…

PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Sorry its late but been busy)