Attn: Journler users

A beta of the long-awaited 2.6 version of Journler is available. Find out more here: … d-is-beta/


Many thanks for the heads up. I’m thrilled.

I’ve tried replacing Journler over the years, but there hasn’t been anything at all which comes close to matching it. I have and use all the usual suspects for various purposes – DevonThink Pro Office, Yojimbo, Evernote, EagleFiler et al, but NOTHING replaces Journler as a journal… Not even Macjournal.

Happy days. :slight_smile:

Great news that he is putting in so much work on cleaning up the code base before turning it over to the community; that will probably do much for its longevity. I too have never found anything like Journler out there. A lot of memoir style programs popped up over the years, but with the exception of a few, they feel constrictive and more aimed at the page-a-day mentality—more caught up in making it look like a real diary page rather than building features for digital diaries.

This is good news. I am more or less living in Journler, so, this version might open up the way for me into OS X Lion.