Atypical template


I am a new user of the program. Already I mastered its functionality but do not know how to deal with one.

I am writing several dozen articles a week and I print them yourself in significant quantities.

I mean page template a4, which when folded gives us such a booklet format a5.

The printer has duplex printing. I have always done in MS Publisher because there was even a dedicated template.

Give advice to come up with something like that?

Below is a picture showing what I mean.

Printing a booklet requires software that’s more sophisticated about page layout than Scrivener. Word can do it (search ‘printing booklets using word’), and likely other page layout programs such as Indesign and Adobe Acrobat (for PDFs). Compile for A4 from Scrivener then open it in such a program to print your booklets.

  1. Compile to PDF at A5.

  2. Open PDF in Preview and re-sort page order if necessary.

  3. Print to A4 from the PDF, choose layout and select two pages per sheet. You’ll get two A5 pages on each A4 sheet of paper.

I’m assuming that since this is posted in the Windows section that they won’t have access to Preview. Also, reordering the pages is a difficult task better left to a computer… It’s super complicated if you don’t have just the right number of pages.

If you do have a Mac, Marcus, and you are running a recent version of macOS (Yosemite or newer), then this page explains how to print a booklet.

Aye. Mentioned it as the OP lists having a Mac. Reordering PDF pages is just drag and drop in Preview. Not easy enough? I took it that the OP is creating four-page booklets, which should be super easy, I think.