Audio controls no longer visible

(Scrivener Beta 1.55 on Windows XP)

My first time through a section of the tutorial that had me interact with the “ThisIsBuzzAldrin” clip, everything worked fine. Now, however, there are no controls when I click on this. I am not sure what happened, only that I used to be able to play this file, now I can’t. Not sure if there is something I can to do fix it on this end (maybe re-install quicktime, but how?)

I am not sure if this is because I updated to the 1.55 Beta, or because I ran to clean my registry and edit which programs startup when windows launches, or something different all together. The version of CCleaner that I use is free, so there should be no problems with attaining it to test weather it may be the culprit. Mine is version 3.02.1342
It says I have “MS Windows XP Professional SP3” and “Intel Pentium M processor 2.13Ghz, 2.0 GB RAM, ATI MOBILITY RADEON X300”

I am not sure what other info I can provide, bit I will try to provide any you may ask for to help figure out if this is a bug, or software not playing nice with each other.

I have installed beta 1.6 (running Win XP). I have found the audio controls, though they are at the bottom of the page, where the Footer View usually resides. It may have been there all along in Beta 1.55 and I just didn’t notice it. I could have sworn the audio controls where up in the middle of the page when I first accessed the Buzz Aldrin clip in the 1.5 version. Oh well, live and learn.

On thing that might be cool, currently the sound clip finishes playing and leaves the slider control for the position in the sound clip at the end of the clip. If I want to hear it again, I have to drag the slider to the start of the clip, or navigate away from the Buzz Aldrin file, then go back. It would be cool if the progress slider returned to the start of the clip, when the clip finished playing, in preparation for playing the clip again.

Thanks for your time, hope the initial post didn’t cause you any problems, Lunarclipper

No, I think that you’re right - I was just looking for the audio controls myself was about to report a bug before I saw your post.