Audio Export to ePub Files

Hello Everyone. Is it possible to add an Audio file / MP3 to a document in Scrivener, then export that document with that audio in it to ePub? Apple Pages allows this, so when the file is exported to ePub, then when that file is opened in books it will play the audio when the icon is clicked on. When I try to add the audio file directly to Scrivener, it just adds a link, and when clicked on in ePub does nothing.

Interesting. Scrivener is writing software and will not do this for you. In an e-book editor like Sigil or Calibre, you should be able to add the audiofile and insert the correct code for playing it, if the e-reader support that.

I found the KDP Specifications: Creating Kindle Editions with Audio/Video Content

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If you set up a media link in Sigil then you can observe how this is meant to be done in HTML, you can then insert that HTML directly into Scrivener. It won’t be doing anything with it other than passing the HTML thru to the output, but correct placement throughout the ebook is the labour intensive part, and what it means for you is that your job is reduced to keeping the audio files handy and importing them in bulk into the .epub file with Sigil, after compiling, and everything should in theory link up, so long as you keep the file names the same.

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Trying to include hyper-links for certain words in my ebook, pdf, or any functional format really. A hyper-link to mp3 media or .wavs, but no matter what I do when compiling these media are not compiled- the hyperlinks get removed from the ebook or html even if I attempt to include them or enable hyperlinks.

Is the compiler not capable of adding media to the actual file from research? Do I need to use a seperate program for this?

Refer to the previous post for tips on how to do this. It’s fairly simple to add media codes in the right places, leaving the only task to insert the files themselves using an epub editor such as Sigil.

As for “pdf or any functional format”, I don’t really understand that. How would a .wav file work in a print-based format? Well at any rate, that’s an entirely different can of worms, print formatting, and in general using Scrivener for that process is not the best use of one’s time, as it’s more of a pure writing tool. You’ll want to transition into other tools for final formatting, where presumably one can do these kinds of things.

Ebooks though, we can do almost everything you’d want to do with them, save for a few asset inclusion tasks like this—and really once you get your workflow set up that’s a five second job in Sigil. Not a big deal all around.

Is there any way to add audio clips to a Scrivener manuscript and then compile that to epub or mobi so that the reader can play that clip when reading the book?