Audio Notes

I was wondering if you could add the ability to record audio notes? Typing in notes related to each document is a great feature, but sometimes I just have too much that I want to say, so typing it all in takes a lot of time. But if I could simiply record my voice and have it be attached to the related documnet would be a life saver!

I know that you’re putting the final touches on version 1 so it’s too late for this to be added. But I hope you concider it for a future version.

Thanks for all your hard work!

This is really beyond the scope of Scrivener, I think - especially given that the title “Scrivener” means “writer”, not “recorder”! :slight_smile: I may consider it in the distant future, though. :slight_smile: For now, you can just record a note in a dedicated program and import it into Scrivener.

You make a good point. I was just looking for a faster way to get the thoughts, ideas, and words out of my head and stored in Scrivener. Thanks to the ability to reference outside files in Scrivener, one can link to audio files created by another app. But since I’m sort of lazy :wink: , I thought that it would save time if the ability to record audio notes was included in Scrivener as well.