Audio recording in Scrivener?


I would like to record my voice and attach the audio recording to a Scrivener entry. Is this possible?
I am thinking of a MacJournal-like feature where, with the Recording Bar displayed, you just have to press the Record button and talk. Very simple :smiley: . (If you don’t see what I mean, please check the attachment, it’s an excerpt of MacJournal’s Manual).

I carefully checked Scrivener’s Help, performed a search on this forum with the “audio recording” expression but got no result.



You can’t do this in Scrivener, but you can import recorded audio by just dragging it from the Finder and into the binder, so that you can listen to it from within Scrivener (whilst editing in another pane etc).

Scrivener isn’t really intended for editing or recording anything other than text - but it does allow other types of files to be imported for reference.

Hope that helps!
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Hi Keith,

Thanks for your help.

If I understand well, after dragging an audio file to the binder, it belongs to my Scrivener project, I can therefore delete the original, right?

When dragging an audio file to the binder, a warning message is displayed that says any non-text file will go to the Research folder since Draft only supports text files. But the audio files I imported are actually not into Research folder but stand parallel to Draft, Research, Trash & so forth. Well, that’s just a little detail anyway.

Yes, the warning is just generic to alert new users to what happens when you import. Actually, I don’t think it’s even accurate any more - I don’t think you can import non-text files if you drag to the Draft at all. I’ll make a note to review the warning for the next update.

Yes, you are right that if you import the audio, you can delete the original as it gets copied. You can then use a split pane and have the audio in one pane and a text document in the other. Even when the text document has the keyboard focus, you can hit cmd-return to play or pause the sound file.

Hope that helps.

Yes, I figured out the warning was kind of generic and somewhat outdated.

I didn’t write I imported the audio file by dragging it to the Draft :confused: . Just said the audio file stands parallel to the Draft in the left panel’s hierarchy.

Thanks for the split pane tip 8) .

By the way, I really like your forum’s settings, very beautiful, efficient and pleasant to use. Just as Scrivener…

I also would like to have a simple voice recorder inbuilt to scrivener.
I use scrivener for songwriting, and often i get an idea while writing that i quickly want to sing or play on the guitar and capture it right away and have it attached to my lyric document. rather than having to open a new application, record, export, then import etc…

FYI i already use references, and they are great, but the links can easily be broken, and its also a complete different file management, creation path that requires leaving scrivener, which breaks the creative flow etc.

a simple voice recorder, even crappy quality would be awesome.

id like to see other peoples opinions, so maybe this could be moved to a new post?


Hi Luke,

This thread is two and a half years old - voice recording was added to a recent update of Scrivener.

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Hey Keith,
Thanks, thats awesome!
Could you point me in the direction to find the voice record feature? i cant find it in the help menu either, and i am using the latest version 2.2.


never mind, i found it, thanks!