audio with scrivener under wine

I’m running Scrivener on Fedora 22 using Wine.

In the tutorial there’s an audio file (“ThisIsBuzzAldrin”). The tutorial says that when you click on it you should see a media control bar n the lower part of the pane.

I’m not getting that.

Is Scrivener using a Windows audio device here? What’s the easiest thing (if anything) to install on Wine that will give me access to the audio files? Or is there someway with Scrivener or Wine to access the Linux audio functions?


Bumping this because I have essentially the same issue — I can see the bar with the audio controls, but nothing will play, and the position indicator does not move. I’ve tried blindly installing various Wine components, but haven’t hit on anything yet.

Is anyone able to play audio files in Scrivener Beta (17) under Wine? Does anyone have any suggestions of what might be the problem?

It’s strange this hasn’t gotten any replies. Maybe there’d be someone on a Wine list.

I’m currently using Mac (for the present, anyway). And my work, even while still on Linux, hasn’t required the audio. Or maybe Scrivener tech support rather than the forum.

I exclusively use Scrivener under WINE these days. I’ve never gotten the video to play properly, although I’ve got the snapshot sound when making/creating a snapshot.