Audio won't play


I’m unable to play any audio files. Please help :slight_smile: I’m using supported formats and even the ThisIsBuzzAldrin won’t play. These files are in the research folder and play in external editors. So the files are fine, it’s really an issue making them play in Scrivener.
The playback scrubber won’t move whether I press play or pause. It doesn’t make a difference. The volume is on. (Although the speaker symbol in the bottom right corner makes you think it’s muted because there’s not volume bar next to the speaker symbol.) In fact, none of the buttons in the audio control bar except for the “backtrack” button even react to me clicking them.

Looking forward to help, it would really make Scrivener so much more useful for me, as I need to transcribe audio files and would simply love to be able to do that in Scrivener, where I also write.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you using the Windows version? You seem to be on Linux, so are you using WINE? Which version of Scrivener are you using.

If you are on Linux, you’d be better off posting in the Linux forum at:


as people there are more likely to know how to hel you.



Thanks Mark for sharing that link. I’m using Scrivener on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) indeed, but the reason I posted here is that so far many of the fixes suggested to Windows users worked excellently for me. Which suggests that the problems I’m experiencing aren’t Linux-specific. But I’ll definitely post in the Linux forum too, thank for sharing.