Author information and formatting does not related with each project.

I understand some of the items in preference should be shared with every project.
However, like Author information, some items should be related to each project.

I remember that the Author information and something others are related to each project in Scrivener 2.(wasn’t it?)
But in Scrivener 3, Author information is shared with every project.
Of course, I can load preset when I open/compile each project.
But I may forget it, and this makes me a new checklist item to use Scrivener 3.
Also, when I open and write two projects at same time, it makes me confuse.
(I usually work with two and more project at the same time for the multi-language task and have to distinguish author names for each script/character and support email for each language.)

Applying preference per-project may be a hard task.
But at least, Couldn’t preference is related with for each project when open a project?

I may give up working with multi-project simultaneously.
But loading preference for each project when opening the project may help me. I need to concern formatting and author information for each project.

Author information is still project specific in S3 — this setting has now moved to “Compile metadata” — See §E.10 of the new user manual: “Project Properties are Compile Settings” — and §23.4.2 for a general description of the new compile metadata.

Styles are also project specific (though you can manually import styles from one project to another, §15.5.5 user manual). Compile formats (§24.1.1 user manual) have TWO modes — Project-format (specific to a project) and My-format (shared across projects, but local to a machine)

When I read section E, I didn’t understand what it means…
(I tried to use find about keyword author, but there are many author~~ something)

Can you please try to specify exactly what the problem is?

If you enter author information in Compile it will be project specific (File menu > Compile…):

If you use styles, it is project specific. Compile presets can be project specific. Section types, labels, custom metadata etc. are all project specific. Probably I have misunderstood your problem, but as I understood it S3 should work as you want it to?

Scrivener 2 populated default values with information from the user’s Contacts card, but allowed overrides on a per-project basis. Scrivener 3 does likewise, but the project metadata settings are now part of the Compile setup, as nontroppo explained.


Yes, to clarify:

  • In Scrivener 2, the default contact details for new projects were pulled from the user’s Contacts.
  • In Scrivener 3, you can enter these default contact details in the Preferences, under General > Author Information. If you don’t enter it there, ti will still be pulled from Contacts if you allow access, just as in 2.0.

This information is what is used to populate the title pages when you create a project from a template such as “Novel”. It’s also the default information that will be used in Compile meta-data.

That’s all. If you want to use different details for different projects, you can do so, just as you could in 2.x. You simply edit the title pages with your details and fill in the information in Compile’s metadata (which in 2.x was in Project > Meta-Data Settings - it’s been moved to Compile since it was never used for anything other than Compile anyway).

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